Are you interested in reaching out in a very special way to your Spanish-speaking clientele, to show them how much you really appreciate them?

You will go a long ways in fostering a trusting relationship with them, when you call on me to interpret for you in Spanish and English!


I have been speaking Spanish for most of my life, and interpreting for the last seven of them. Being able to interpret is a special skill that starts with being fully bilingual, but is so much more than that. It includes in a certain sense, “becoming” the person for whom you are interpreting.

When I meet the Spanish and English-speaking persons for whom I will interpret, I tell them that I am their voice, that it is not me who is speaking, but rather each of them.

I speak in first person for each of them, because, again, I am not really me, but them! When they are excited or upset, happy or angry, I imitate their tone of voice and, to a certain degree, their body language.


I am certified by the supreme court of Wisconsin to interpret in courts for a variety of court hearings and trials, as well as in other legal settings, such as depositions in law offices, and statements made by witnesses for police reports.
Additionally, I interpret in medical settings such as hospitals and doctor’s offices. I’m also a frequent interpreter at Department of Workforce Development hearings, for example, in appeals for unemployment cases or for job orientation sessions. I’ve been involved in educational events, such as mediations between parents and school officials and parent-teacher conferences. I’ve also been at conference events on a large scale, such as teachers’ conventions.
I interpret simultaneously or consecutively, as the occasion demands.
I believe that continuing education is highly important to keep one’s skills up-to-date, and am therefore a long-time member of the Midwest Association of Translators and Interpreters, as well as of the American Translators Association. These are professional organization for all types of interpreters and translators (interpreting being primarily oral, and translating primarily written), but am also a member of the National Association of Judicial Interpreters and Translators and of the International Medical Interpreters Association, which obviously are primarily for either legal or medical practitioners.


I schedule Vicki Bermudez through the SWITS agency for Spanish interpretation in the courts. Vicki is very proficient in Spanish interpreting, she is listed as a certified interpreter on the State Court Roster. She is responsible for interpreting in the courts, but also has to work with other interpreters, interact with court staff and use time management skills. She is very friendly, easy to work with, but at the same time, is also very professional, dependable and conscientious.

Jacqueline Thachenkary, Interpreter Coordinator, Milwaukee County, WI

Ms. Bermudez was prompt and provided accurate and quick interpretive services to defendants who were both represented and unrepresented. Attorney’s who are fluent in the Spanish language indicated to me that Ms. Bermudez was accurately interpreting their client’s and the court’s words and conveying the legal concepts appropriately. She was a court interpreter and was timely with her services and the accurate nature of her services.

Judge James Daley, Rock County Circuit Court, Janesville, WI

I have known Vicki Bermudez for over three years. As a Spanish Interpreter/translator Vicki possesses total professionalism, knowledge and expertise in whatever field she is interpreting. I have had the experience to shadow her in the Court Interpreting environment and saw how she maneuver with professionalism, confidence and integrity. I see Vicki as a leader in the field and as a mentor. Vicki would be an asset to anyone needing her services.

Gloria Kasiske, Spanish Medical Interpreter

The Geo Group is always satisfied with Vicki’s professionalism. She has delivered everything we promised with great enthusiasm. I highly recommend doing business with Vicki.

Year first hired: 2010
Qualities: Good Value, On Time, High Integrity

Georgia Roeming, The Geo Group Owner, Madison, WI,

I highly recommend Vicki in the field of Spanish interpreting.  As the jury coordinator at Racine County, I depend heavily on the availability of quality interpreters and Vicki never disappoints. She has very efficient time management and scheduling skills which allow her to make herself available at the last minute, as well as work multiple cases in a short time frame. Vicki has been a great asset to Racine County with her professionalism and strong skill set.

Todd Kile, Interpreter and Jury Coordinator, Racine County, WI

I had the pleasure of working with Vicki during several MATI conferences and events. She is very well organized, dedicated, personable, and detail-oriented. I highly recommend her work.

Sasha Carrillo, Spanish Interpreter


Vicki Bermudez

Vicki Bermudez

UW-Milwaukee, BA, Major in Spanish/Minor in Journalism
WI Supreme Court System, Legal Interpreter Certification
​Language Line Solutions,​ Medical Interpreting Certification
WI School of Real Estate, Real Estate Broker’s License
Centro de Formación Profesional,Secretarial Diploma
​UW-Waukesha, AA, Major in Spanish
​Foreign Exchange Student, La Plata, Argentina

American Translators Association (ATA)
Midwest Association of Translators & Interpreters (MATI)
National Association of Judicial Interpreters & Translators (NAJIT)
International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA)
American Legion Auxiliary (ALA)
National Honor Societies: Phi Theta Kappa, Sigma Delta Pi, & Phi Kappa Phi
Spanish and Journalism Scholarships in High School and College
​CFC Coordinator USPS, Eagle & Silver Awards




Jury Trials
Immigration Hearings
Preliminary Hearings
​Probation and Review Hearings
Child Custody
Divorce Proceedings Pleas and Sentencing Hearings
Motion Hearings Intake
​Traffic Court



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